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We believe traditional driving lessons are inadequate.

At DTO Motorsport, we coach ordinary road-users on their journey to becoming highly skilled drivers, with a laser focus on safety that inspires our students with the confidence they need to excel in the driver’s seat.

Our Learner Driver Programme will give you not only the theoretical and practical skills needed to pass a UK driving test, but importantly also a core set of advanced driving techniques.

Using skid pans at private test tracks, along with computer simulators, we also teach safe and appropriate responses to hazards and adverse weather conditions like snow and ice. Because new drivers are most likely to have an accident at night, we devote teaching time to driving in the dark.

In addition to our Learner Driver Programme, we also offer a range of Advanced, performance, and race driver training programmes – all taught to the same high standards of excellence.

Visit DTO Performance for further information on our driver training programmes. 

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