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Want to experience what it’s like to train as a racing driver? Start here. The Race Edit is an intensive, challenging and rewarding day, guided by dedicated driver coaches. It’s ideal for those looking for a thrilling day out or hoping to take the next step up from track driving to full-on motorsport.

Our experts have designed it to be a comprehensive yet still enjoyable introduction to the approach, skills and techniques needed to go motor racing; it’s all about learning, developing and improving constantly through the day.


Your experience starts well before the event itself: you’ll speak with one of our professional coaches ahead of time to discuss your level of driving skill and previous experience, establish the right programme for you and advise you on how best to prepare for the day. You’ll also get video and printed circuit guides to study in the run-up to the day, ensuring you’re right up to speed when you arrive at the track. On the day, you’ll be part of a small group of like-minded guests, working your way through a series of modules.

On track, you’ll drive a one-of-a-kind BMW M140i that has been prepared and modified to track spec by our expert engineering team. In standard form, it already has a powerful engine and balanced rear-wheel-drive, but our engineers have taken things further, adding a roll cage, bucket seats, aerodynamic improvements and suspension upgrades, making it ideal for getting to grips with the fundamentals of track driving.

You’ll also drive one of our full-on BMW M2 CS Racing cars – currently the only ones in the UK. Although it may look like a track-focused road car, don’t be fooled: this is a real-deal racing car, with slick tyres offering plenty of grip. You’ll learn how to warm up tyres, brake late, perfect your line through the corners and improve your lap times.


” Since starting to attend DTO events I feel my track driving has progressed so far, to the point that I aim to get racing this season “

John Newman
Singer, Songwriter

THE coaching.

THE RACE EDIT coaching

After each session on track, you’ll sit down for a one-on-one de-brief with your coach, analysing how you’ve progressed so far and areas to focus on during the following session.

We use both video recordings and state-of-the-art telemetry sensors on the cars to analyse your driving in greater depth than you thought possible. Using this data, your coach can instantly pinpoint areas of potential improvement, making for faster and more satisfying progress. You’ll also get to spend time on our driving simulator to further refine your lines, with an eSports expert as your guide.

In the car, you’ll learn all the fundamentals of race driving: how to position the vehicle on track, where to brake, how to hit the apex of the corner and how to follow the right line between corners.


Out of the car, you can take a break in our lounge area and enjoy the high-quality catering at our ‘fuel station’ – which has been specially selected and prepared to give you a healthy energy boost and keep you performing at your best throughout the day.

Once all your driving sessions have concluded, you’ll get a clear picture of your progression, with a final debrief from your coach, as well as a record of your lap times and your driving data. It’s an exciting and satisfying conclusion in its own right, as well as a great foundation for those wanting to take the next steps towards lining up on the grid and going racing for real.

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