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the performance edit.


Corporate Incentive 

Looking to experience the thrill and excitement of driving high-performance cars on track? The DTO Performance Edit is the best way to experience this at some of the UK’s finest racing circuits.

With DTO, you don’t just get access to great cars and tracks – you also get expert professional driver coaches to help you make the most of your day, improving your driving skills as you go.

Our fleet of cars is second to none, all prepared and maintained to the highest standard by our team of top-line technicians, so you’re guaranteed the very best possible experience.

The Performance Edit will thrill newcomers and car enthusiasts alike – and as well as making for a great day out with friends, it can offer a unique approach to rewarding, recognising, incentivising and motivating employees.


During the day, you’ll drive a one-of-a-kind BMW M140i that has been modified and upgraded for track use by the expert DTO Engineering team. In standard form, it already has a powerful engine and balanced rear-drive layout, but our engineers have taken things further, bringing the car to full race spec with a roll cage, bucket seats, aerodynamic improvements and suspension upgrades, making it ideal for getting to grips with the fundamentals of track driving.

You’ll also get to experience one of our BMW M2 CS Racings – currently the only ones in the UK – and a real favourite with our customers. Although it may look like a track-focused road car, don’t be fooled: this is a real-deal racing car, with slick tyres offering plenty of grip. You’ll learn how to warm up tyres, brake late, perfect your line through the corners and improve your lap times.

Our fleet also includes the Porsche Cayman GT4: powerful, mid-engined, track-focused and insanely quick. Offering a different but equally compelling driving experience to the M2, the Cayman introduces you to the art of controlling a mid-engined car on track. You’ll revel in the perfect balance, powerful brakes and precise responses of this thoroughbred machine.


” I would recommend this experience in a heartbeat, it gives you a real insight to track racing and the incredible abilities of these high performance cars “

Jenny Caldecourt
Group Digital Creative Manager/Exclusive Collection

THE coaching.


After each session at the wheel, you’ll have a debrief with one of our driver coaches, who’ll analyse you driving in depth using the latest data-logging and video-recording technology. This is driver coaching the way the professionals do it: with measurable results and real, satisfying progression.

DTO Race BMW CS Racing track day


And when you’re not in the car, there’s plenty more to do: you can relax in our comfortable lounge area, with high-quality catered food and drinks on offer throughout the day, refine your driving skills further on our state-of-the-art simulators, or just chill out and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere that sets us apart from other trackday providers and keeps people coming back to DTO, again and again.

This relaxed yet upbeat surroundings also make The Performance Edit a great way to bring a team together and boost their productivity – particularly one that has only interacted ‘virtually’ in recent months. They’ll come away having bonded strongly, boosting camaraderie and loyalty in the process.

Everything happens in the company of our team, who bring passion, warmth and engagement to every aspect of DTO Drive. We have the best cars and the best tracks, but it’s our people who really set us apart – and really make the difference to your day.

To finish the day in style, you’ll jump into the passenger seat of a Ginetta G55 GTA racing car for some heart-pounding ‘hot laps’ with one of our driver coaches at the wheel, giving you a taste of the speed, commitment and adrenaline rush of professional motorsport.