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Our Defensive Driver Programme is suitable for professionals who need advanced and protective driving skills in order to keep themselves, their clients as safe as possible on the roads. This might include chauffeurs, close protection security of high net worth individuals and those responsible for the transit of valuable goods.



  • Commentary driving
  • Ramming techniques
  • Reverse, J and Handbrake turns
  • Instinctive driving skills
  • Rolling slalom & vehicle dynamics

Through practical, in-car sessions, we will teach you how to become a more instinctive driver, helping you build a subconscious view of a driving course in order to respond reflexively to potential hazards and threats. The course will also cover the appropriate situations to use a range of different turns (reverse, J and handbrake) and will demonstrate how vehicle dynamics impact a car’s performance.  


Our Defensive Driving Programme will help you feel confident in your capability to handle any threat on the roads, professionally and effectively. 


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