Classic cars are a pleasure to own and drive, however these vehicles have very different characteristics to the modern car and without knowledge and specific skills, these cars can be hard to enjoy confidently and safely.

Classic cars don’t have modern driver aids such as traction control, anti-lock brakes and their handling and braking characteristics are significantly different to modern cars. Professional training and a thorough understanding of classic car vehicle dynamics and car control, however, is critical to ensure that you can safely and confidently drive these vehicles. 

Our Classic Driver Programme is a comprehensive programme that gives you the skills needed to safely enjoy the capabilities of your classic car, with content tailored to your individual aspirations. The programme has safe driving as its core component – so that you can enjoy your classic car, handle it expertly, while protecting yourself and other road users.

We use skid pans at private test tracks, along with computer simulators and critically we also teach safe and appropriate responses to hazards and adverse weather conditions like snow and ice.



  • A review of the vehicle you drive or are planning to purchase, and we will tailor the course to cover the risks and nuances associated with your specific vehicle.
  • Theoretical and practical understanding of the physics behind vehicle dynamics, highlighting the differences between a classic and modern car.
  • Advanced driving techniques. At a private test facility, you will experience how differing weather conditions affect the performance and grip levels of the car. 

Do you want a greater understanding of your classic car? Contact us today to discuss the training options in more detail.