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At DTO Motorsport, our interactive events and tailored training packages harness the transformative power of motorsport – whether you’re a learner driver, a seasoned racing enthusiast, or a company wanting to engage with your clients through a unique channel.

Our corporate events and training programmes are often exhilarating. But behind the scenes, we apply a deep and broad knowledge that ensures they’re also thoughtfully planned and expertly executed. 

We coach ordinary road-users on their journey to becoming highly skilled drivers – with a laser focus on safety that inspires participants with the confidence they need to excel in the driver’s seat.

Whether it’s your dream to race competitively, you want to be a more responsible road user or equip your son or daughter with safe driving skills for life – investing in the long-term development of drivers is our passion and ambition. 

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Our tight-knit team is experienced and immersed in the industry, with an unparalleled eye for detail that creates truly transformational experiences for our clients.

With a long history working with corporates, HNW clients and premium brands, along with decades of hands-on motorsport experience, we combine practicality with personality, delivering perfectly planned, efficiently executed events and training programmes, for a wide range of clients. 

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We show our commitment to a positive environmental impact in three key ways:

Greener solutions
We actively seek environmentally friendly solutions – using electric vehicles, where possible, and avoiding disposable plastics.

We regularly take stock of our environmental credentials, taking part in on-going carbon-reducing and recycling schemes.

Laps for Trees 
For every lap completed by one of our fleet, we plant a tree – creating a net positive impact to protect future generations of drivers.


At DTO Motorsport, our unique and comprehensive tuition will help you develop the skills you need for a lifetime of competent and safe driving – whether you’re a learner driver, ordinary road user or own a high-performance car.

Our Driver Training Programmes leverage our extensive experience in motorsport and coaching to create unique driver training courses that make use of test tracks, skid pans and simulators (a world away from traditional driving lessons with their restrictive, generic approach.)

Our training is tailored to your needs and can be adapted to suit your experience, skill level, time commitments and location. Alongside public highway driving, we also make use of private test tracks and race circuits, with tuition arranged around your lifestyle and location. 

We offer five core programmes, taught by our highly skilled driver coaches on a 1-2-1 basis.

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Learner Driver

A complete course for new and novice drivers with a focus on safely mastering the basics and gaining advanced driving skills for life.

dto motorsport advanced driver

Advanced Driver

Designed to help individuals who already hold a full driving license feel more confident and capable in any road situation (ideal for newly qualified drivers, individuals driving in the UK for the first time or those returning to the roads after a break.)

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Performance Driver

This programme gives you the skills needed to safely enjoy the capabilities of your performance car.

Classic Driver

Classic cars have very different characteristics to the modern car, this programme is designed for those drivers who want to enjoy their classic car confidently and safely.

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Defensive Driver

Learn evasive, defensive driving skills that protect you, your passengers and other road users – a great course for those who drive in a professional capacity.


“I love supporting drivers on their race journey and get a real sense of personal achievement watching people progress.

I’ve always seen the parallel between car and driver, both performing at their peak and in harmony, as driving perfection. This is the ultimate goal of race coaching through DTO Motorsport.” Rob West.

Whatever your driving aspirations, we offer the highest levels of race driver coaching at circuits and private race tracks across the UK.

Whether you’re a novice who wants to obtain a race license, an accomplished driver with a desire to place higher on the grid or a father and son team with a shared love of motorsport, we’ll devise a coaching programme that meets your needs and helps you reach your goals. 

We are passionate about investing in the long-term development of our drivers and we can’t wait to support you on this exciting journey. 

Programmes are designed around your skill level and race ambitions, covering elements of:

• Track positioning 
• Driving racing lines and cornering 
• Dynamic movement
• Improving lap times
• Mental attitude
• Race craft

Would you love to race? Contact us today to discuss the best coaching option for you.

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ARDS Race License

Gaining the National B License (ARDS Race License) is a legal requirement for drivers who want to compete in UK circuit racing and is the natural first step for those who want to embark on a racing career.

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Citroen C1 Championship

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced racing driver, the Citroen C1 Championship is an exciting and accessible option that boasts grid sizes of over 40 cars and endurance races from 2 through to 24 hours. As no modifications are allowed to the engine or transmission of cars, races are based on the skill of the driver making this a highly competitive race!

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Ginetta G40

The Ginetta G40 is an exciting, capable and very rewarding race car to drive, with lightweight construction, rear wheel drive setup and a tubular chassis give the driver excellent feel for the track.


Our team at DTO Motorsport has a long and varied history creating unique events for corporates, HNW clients and premium brands, combined with several decades working ‘hands-on’ in the motorsport industry, allowing us to deliver expertly planned and executed experiences, packed with personality.

We create effective events that integrate the excitement of the race circuit with your business objectives in a unique and memorable way. With a broad network of contacts across the globe, our team will exceed your expectations, whether your event is simple and straightforward or highly complex and creative. 

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Corporate Events 

We work in partnership with our corporate clients to design memorable driving events at race circuits and private test tracks across the UK.

In collaboration with both large and small companies, our creativity and expertise delivers outstanding engagement, hospitality and reward & recognition events – making the amazing buzz of the motorsport accessible to all.


Our team can help you identify your business objectives and develop exciting motorsport inspired events for product launches, customer engagement and client hospitality.

Our corporate events have a range of benefits for your company and clients. We leverage the power of motorsport to engage your customers, develop and deepen relationships and create a lasting impact that can help differentiate your business in a crowded marketplace. 


Do you want to create something exciting? Contact us today, we’d love to discuss it with you.

Bmw Customer Engagement Days

We created the BMW M2 CS Racing Customer Engagement Days to help nationwide BMW dealerships engage new and existing customers. This is a unique offering your customers will be excited to tell friends and family about.

These thrilling experiences take place at some of Britain’s most iconic race circuits (including Brand’s Hatch and Silverstone) and provide participants with rare and unrivalled access to two of the brands most prestigious performance cars: The BMW M2 CS Racing and The BMW M4 CS. 

We have created two format options for BMW M2 CS Racing Customer Engagement Days, varying the number of participants and price range to offer greater flexibility for dealerships. 

Whether your customer is a seasoned motorsport enthusiast or it’s their first time at a race circuit, getting up close and personal with these rare and exciting BMW models, both as a passenger and in the driving seat, is a memorable experience guaranteed to set your dealership apart from the competition.

Contact us today for the full brochure, or to talk through event options in more detail.

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Developing people is the purpose. Motorsport is our method. 

Our sister company, DTO Performance, takes the dynamic world of motorsport and uses it to create valuable, interactive and enjoyable Team Performance events. 

Within our approach, we use the elite sport principles of measurable performance, collaboration and the ability to make good decisions and think clearly under pressure. We devise tailored training days for your staff that are enjoyable and also create long-lasting mindset changes in addition to helping your team develop new skills.

Whilst our Team Performance days are fun and engaging, our objective is to create an environment in which your team can learn and develop. Our modules provide invaluable observations on how your staff react under pressure, how effective (or otherwise) their leadership skills are and help you identify the natural role that individuals play within the team. 

Are you passionate about developing and supporting your team? If you value your people, get in touch today to discuss Team Performance opportunities for your organisation, or visit dtoperformance.com for further information.




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At DTO Motorsport, our passionate and people focused team has a unique mixture of knowledge, skills and hands-on industry experience. 

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